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Name City XBL Gamertag Discord Xbox MCC xLAN HPC Host Notes Email Player
johnthehero Stony Point, NY johnthehero John#4271 Email johnthehero
Devilman Virginia Beach Devilman#6396 I usually lan with locals that include Mudbone, dds, Killa Cam, and TbraxEmail Devilman
Vinny Mendoza Ottawa, ON Vinny Mendoza Vinny Mendoza#6199 Have a group of approx 8-12 players who attend my LANs from the Toronto/Montreal/NY region including Gspot and Furien.Email Vinny Mendoza
Patrick Howard Saratoga Springs Mastas8 Mastas#9190 Looking to get a lan setup in central mass area... Need TVsEmail Patrick Howard
McDick Tampa, FL J up, noobsEmail McDick
stunt_man Montreal, QC stunt man GMYF stunt_man#3720 Email stunt_man
Hurley Montreal Hurley_Lives Hurley#9085 graphic designer | Halo1hub brand designerEmail Hurley
Missingno Harrogate o MISSINGNO o Missingno#5852 Only have a controller with me.Email Missingno
Hasuku West Valley City hasuku ce hasuku#5483 We usually have a group of 3-4 in the South Salt lake region We run NHE 2sEmail Hasuku
Dynomike DeKalb, Illinois II DyNoMike Ii I have all equipment necessary for a 25-30 person lanEmail Dynomike
Hard Way Hilliard Hard VVay Hard Way#1695 I have 2 CRT's and 3 NHE Xboxes, and 6 controllers. I have enough networking equipment. We'll play in two separate rooms.Email Hard Way
MudBone Portsmouth, VA lllJeRmlll Email MudBone
Ozyorsk Buffalo Ozyorsk Ozyorsk#2643 Email Ozyorsk
BIFF NASTY Lovettsville VA BIFF NASTY#3101 I have a crew of locals, 4 tvs and Xboxs, always setupEmail BIFF NASTY
Anthony Muscarella (Simplifyyy) Philadelphia, PA Contact: 610-547-1648Email Anthony Muscarella (Simplifyyy)
METAL GOD HAND Vicksburg METAL GOD HAND jpm1101#7098 Full NHE setup in a nice, safe, spacious home. Trying to build an H1 group here in Vicksburg. All skill levels welcome.Email METAL GOD HAND
dds Norfolk, VA dds#1899 I play Halo 1 sometimes.Email dds
Frolic Houston Frolic is chyop Frolic#0369 Email Frolic
O4 Durham O4 Henry#1972 I'm friendly, I swear. Email O4
Rock Candy Mexico City, Mexico The Rock Candy -Rock Candy-#6520 Email Rock Candy
Lateksi Tampere Lauri#5387 Email Lateksi
Vaporeon Vaporeon#0134 Email Vaporeon
Zack Alvelais Tracy LD50 II LD50 II#6486 I run the NorCal Halo community, that connects local Halo players of all skills and types. I would love to create a dedicated Halo CE/NHE group to LAN with.Email Zack Alvelais
William Spokane OmikroN OmikroN #0129 Email William
UncookedMoa Cebu City UncookedMoa UncookedMoa#9730 Lonely in this side of the world with no one to play Halo with. XLAN not possible due to ISP restrictions. Freely able to play on Xbox, MCC and both Halo PCs.Email UncookedMoa
Coco Philadelphia, PA CocoTheJanitor Cody#7957 Email Coco
Patch Washington, DC But I nuke tho Patchstay Im the GOAT Email Patch
Cujjer Richmond Cujjer cujjer#1920 Email Cujjer
Unit Atlanta, GA Arthur Blaink Ready and willingEmail Unit
(SBB) Storm Füssen (SBB) Storm#8401 Due to time restraints, I'm not always available on demand. It'll work very well if an appointed schedule has been set. Custom Edition also available.Email (SBB) Storm
Arryn Managua, Nicaragua Arryn#4641 Email Arryn
7ango Chicago i 7ANGO i RumorsOfWar#1003 Email 7ango
il Duce Primo Philadelphia il Duce Primo#4517 Email il Duce Primo
NickArcade Knoxville faaart XCUSE ME nickarcade#7697 Email NickArcade
Jerms Nashville Jerms#9795 Don't play a lot anymore, but if a game is ready to go and you need a second lemme know and I might be able to hop in. Only play 2v2's/3v3's and pubs.Email Jerms
Cursed Lemon Detroit CursedLemon Cursed Lemon#1994 Halo 3 is garbage. Email Cursed Lemon
Strawberry Tucson, AZ Charcoal Coyote Strawberry🍓 #1709 Email Strawberry
Meg Cherry Hill Meg H1 Goddess megfleck#6626 Leet player here, top 21 BL 7 ranked, 2+ station setup in my lansion, lets goEmail Meg
Tetra Sh0t Seattle Tetra Email Tetra Sh0t
Cody Indianapolis csquared af Email Cody
your dog Murfreesboro, TN Email your dog
GAZZO Met Life Stadium L GAZZO L gazzo#0462 Always down to find new players. Able to host. Email GAZZO
HeathVIKING Leiden TW Viking HeathVIKING#3019 Looking for equipment to host 2v2 NHE LANs.Email HeathVIKING
MrOfcDrAnderson South Jordan, UT Chupa Cabras Email MrOfcDrAnderson
KFAQ Ottawa, Ontario, Canada theDogeSlayer KFAQ#5780 Mostly play MCC and Halo Custom Edition, Diagnosed with PDD-NOSEmail KFAQ
Alex Turner San Antonio Quiet Fours Email Alex Turner
OPThrice Phoenix opthrice OpeyEmail OPThrice
nexy Oakland, CA email preferred dre123 at gmailEmail nexy
Kyle karmo Bloomfield, mi Karmellow Email Kyle karmo
Chip Austin, TX Chip I like turtles.Email Chip
Matthew Bristol The Doctor Prof MisterDrProf#2552 Email Matthew
Nacho New York Original xbox only, all welcomeEmail Nacho
I SaDiO I Geneva I SaDiO I Email I SaDiO I
SHOCKNINJA Orlando, Florida SHOCKNINJA117 the_big_boss_135#7331 Email SHOCKNINJA
KAPRISUN Madison, Wisconsin capatin k KAPRISUN#3911 Email KAPRISUN
scr1pt El Paso, TX sc r1pt#9784 Email scr1pt
Person Man Denver Personman21 Personman#7002 Email Person Man
Marvin Baltimore MyKillMyers Email Marvin
Scarecrow croh Email Scarecrow
RVG E Nomini Ellensburg RVG E Nomini Email RVG E Nomini
Neo Wellington, NZ NE0NSPIDER Neonspider #3791 Email Neo
Stian Oby Johansen Oslo, Norway iB L Oby Øby#7344 Have equipment to host 2v2 NHE LANs. Email Stian Oby Johansen
Joshua Edwards Greenfield MA FOBK FOBK#8032 Email Joshua Edwards
Coy Flint Coytastrophe Coy#6805 22 Years Old, Can travel. @Coytastrophe on twitter Email Coy
Slytly Fort Worth Slytly Email Slytly
Moj4do San Antonio, TX Moj4do Email Moj4do
Woogy Murray TD Woogy (TD)Woogy#9983 Only local player that still cares about H1 AFAIK. Generally play MCC but would love to LAN. Unfortunately I have no equipment for that at the moment.Email Woogy
Josh Houston D PickleMonster Trying to create a local LAN scene in Houston. Email Josh
PC Oibo Jacksonville, FL PC Oibo Email PC Oibo
dub Richmond, VA Ln Absentia lDuBl#5904 Email dub
8ball aka cantdr0p Los Angeles CA ekLipzo cantdr0p#3801 OG player / down4lans / Email 8ball aka cantdr0p
lol jebaitedEmail lol
Stephen "Silos" Strome Calgary SilosTheVillain Silos#0943 There's a few of us who play in Calgary. Usually it's just smaller stuff, four person LANs on a random evening is 99% of the LANs we have.Email Stephen "Silos" Strome
ayylien ayylien#7355 Email ayylien
insidi0us Can host, have xboxes, need TVs and good switches.Email insidi0us
Perla117 Bolzano perla117 Perla117#1042 Halo Custom Edition modder Halo Xbox one player (sometimes)Email Perla117
2587 Biloxi, MS fs2587 NHE original xboxes, LANs in Ocean Springs, MS.Email 2587
Can of Pringles Northwest IN Can of Pringles pringles#3005 OG xbox w/o NHE mod, multiple s controllers, no tube tv. Currently in school in Iowa.Email Can of Pringles
TlZoXlJL Rome, Italy Chaosengine98 TlZoXlJL#0390 Just one year of experience. Started playin H1 on October 2017, but i did extremly well for my few experience. I think im above the average, but still not a godEmail TlZoXlJL
Cpt Ownage Columbus Cpt Ownage Cpt Ownage#0684 Will travel if needed and could host 6 - 8 peopleEmail Cpt Ownage
JessHawk36 Redmond JessHawk36 JessHawk36#2897 Join Northwest Halo I host Competitive 2v2 NHE and Casual 4v4 MCC Lans 4 Component CRT's 12 NHE OG Xbox's All in a chill townhouseEmail JessHawk36
dylantrey Austin, TX dylantrey Arftacular Email dylantrey
T-ReV Dallas, TX Talented T ReV I have 1 modded xbox. Email T-ReV
BoSkiiE Email BoSkiiE
Alexander i Alexander i We Lan with 5-6 locals in ATL about every 3-6 months. Host near ATL, Mableton/Smyrna area. Others welcome. Skill level is good & competitive not godly.Email Alexander
Jordan Beaumont Polktastic I have a few TV's and some xboxs, etc. My house is kinda small for a big LAN. With enough heads up I can play and maybe bring a friend or twoEmail Jordan
Kevin Martinez 2483 I have 4 OG Xboxes, and I play MCC on occasion.Email Kevin
name Montreal ashhkake#6661 Email name
Gizgaz Greensboro SniperScope16 I could possibly host but need equipmentEmail Gizgaz
G-Fir3 Montreal A-Jack-O-Lit#7289 Email G-Fir3
B-Fir3 Montreal B-Fir3#6817 Email B-Fir3
Jon Lewis Boston I J Lew I Email Jon Lewis
Danman Green Bay, WI uwdanman uwdaman Have a few other locals that have lanned in past. I have OG modded xbox, S controllers, no tube tv.Email Danman
Devilstar Ogden utah Email Devilstar
Gianni Rockford Alumnite Email Gianni
hirsute New York, NY hirsute#1548 Down to play new maps too.Email hirsute
ClawMeGod Wheeling,WV ClawMehGod ClawMeGod#1076 Need Crts only have 1Email ClawMeGod
Jonathan Orlando, FL x ReMoRse o ReMoRse#4191 My Xbox finally died, need a new one play me some Halo NHE :(Email Jonathan
Cr1ss4n Tunja Cr1ss4n#3936 Meh. Email Cr1ss4n
crissomar Guadalajara crissomar1 criss#2411 Email crissomar
Walker Nashville, TN Walker SOTO Middle Tennessee needs 2 moreEmail Walker
Mondi ROUND ROCK nine2 Mondi Email Mondi
Tim Grothendicl St. Paul Peeehands Peeehands Mid 20's 2v2 on mcc. Looking to lanEmail Tim Grothendicl
Doughboy Cheyenne H1 Doughboy Email Doughboy
Tommy Dover delaware IIThoroughII IIThoroughII Ready to lan 2s or 4sEmail Tommy
alex carlisle bradyswag6rings Email alex
Almighty Shade Corpus Christi, TX Almighty Shade AlmightyShade#6980 The best in TexasEmail Almighty Shade
atrophy Washington D.C. atrophyzz atrophy#9003 Former halo 1 PC/CE player (2005-2012) looking for other old people to play the new halo 1 with when it's out on Steam.Email atrophy
BdunK Madison Wisconson ibdunkL Email BdunK
taki taki#1755 Email taki
potato CARLINGFORD M1GPotato potatoretardo probably will have the worst ping out of everyone lolEmail potato
sntroj Atlanta sn troj Email sntroj
Luke Newcastle Upon Tyne Luktrocity I have some equipment.Email Luke
King I3ob Amsterdam King I3ob Have a couple of xboxes and crt tv's for h1 og/nheEmail King I3ob
mihirgates Jaipur, India mihirgates mihirgates#0077 Email mihirgates
Louie Raleigh ScustiN Email Louie
Tyson Orem, Utah N1op Niop#0526 Email Tyson
OTheGodfather Saginaw OTheGodfather OTheGodfather#6627 Email OTheGodfather
ChuntBluntquist Austin, TX Pretty bad at the XLAN 2v2 meta everyone seems obsessed with.Email ChuntBluntquist
CYRiX Columbus, OH CYR1X CYRiX#5864 Email CYRiX
MuZzY Hp MuZzY Email MuZzY
Peazy Hurricane, WV JPeazy304 Email Peazy
UF ShadowTeddy Bristol UF ShadowTeddy ShadowTeddy#0538 HMU if you want to team up.Email UF ShadowTeddy
Eduin Andres Rivera Baez Rionegro Flex Edwin Email Eduin Andres Rivera Baez
Wize Raleigh omgzan#0594 Email Wize
JPeazy304 Hurricane JPeazy304 JPeazy304#0811 Email JPeazy304
Evan Rhoades Seattle, WA R3aperRising ReaperRising#5683 Iv only ever played MCC but I would love to play some locals and more competative XLAN if possible. I have a twin brother who plays with me also.Email Evan Rhoades
Evan Rhoades Seattle, WA R3aperRising R3aperRising I have only played MCC but would love to play some locals or just LAN in general. I'm a medium-high skill level and a fast learner. I have a twin who also playsEmail Evan Rhoades
Jeffrey Boudreau Ottawa Jeffenatrix Jeffenatrix#0836 Email Jeffrey Boudreau
Chris H1_Magix Email Chris
RePa Washington DC RePaChU RePaChU#5197 Email RePa
vdub iddqd wichita, ks vdub iddqd Email vdub iddqd
Haerga Toronto, ON Canada Haerga Harga#9635 primarily play MCC but interested in playing NHE on Xbox. willing to travel for large eventsEmail Haerga
pSylence Saint Petersburg FaKe pSylence Would need TVs in order to host, Have 3 boxes, controllers, Switch, Cables, etc..Email pSylence
Jesus Email Jesus
N4T1V3 Port Huron, Mi X 13rown 13ear Email N4T1V3
Stealth Seattle Ste4Ith Stealth#4973 Looking to connect with old OG Halo PC/CE players. Wanting to get a fun group together for when MCC comes to Steam Xfire username was Stealthy4u HKÐ, M2K, itKEmail Stealth
Adam CooterFL I have 2 modded boxes. 1 CRT 36" flat screen. 1 CRT 20" flat screen. I need to check if I have component or S-video connectors for the XboxesEmail Adam
wargod Cincinnati, OH oo WARGOD oo Email wargod
SluRRa Email SluRRa
adLer Munchen i pLay HaLo since 2007 , i come from Germany - Bavaria , favourite , HaLo Custom Edition adLer
Michael Boston mjlass mjlass#8920 Looking to lan H1 in the New England area, hit me up if you need one.Email Michael
Icychiller Oklahoma city Icychiller Icychiller#9044 Im an esports tournament specialist for MLG, Dreamhack, UGC and moreEmail Icychiller
eSo_Blade Amsterdam eSo Blade eSo Blade Email eSo_Blade
Keil NYC Suburbs Even Keil Even Keil#0470 Email Keil
VDT NaKeR Caracas VDT NaKeR NaKeR Email VDT NaKeR
Fr33 Davis, CA enteegee phree I have three modded OG boxes with NHE and two beautiful CRTs. Hit me up on email for LANs, freecube at gmailEmail Fr33
justin indianapolis indiana gh0ul v Email justin
Krave Tampa, FL Killkrave Have setup ready to play. there are typically three of us available Tuesday Wednesday.Email Krave
PaulShi Seattle, WA PaullShii Email PaulShi
Joeyy Slice SWFL Joeyy Slice joeyy_slice#4379 I host a weekly NHE LAN with locals. We have a four NHE stations.Email Joeyy Slice
smehxi Pensacola Smehxi I'm in Destin. I may have a place we could LAN CE in a 3 story house really close to the beach. No equipment but I'm open to buying someones LAN equipment.Email smehxi
privighost virieu le grand privighost Email privighost
Rick St. Louis thebear551#2355 3 xbox's with halo 1 nheEmail Rick
Kimmy GIbbler Crown Point Toxictoast#3818 Email Kimmy GIbbler
CunningCake (aka Pnutbutter from XBC) Madison CunningCake6205 6326 I'm better than forehearth i can tell you that much. But someone else is gonna have to provide transportation for a LAN (long story, sorry).Email CunningCake (aka Pnutbutter from XBC)
Alan lincoln park sirkillalotic I know a few others that play tooEmail Alan
Gary Albuquerque Edain Email Gary
Michael Rochester MN XGN FiReBaLl ham steak burger#7973 I can host up to 32 people at my house and perhaps more at the local retro gaming store, I have already recieved permission to rent it out. Looking to generate interest for a general Halo LAN so please reach out via email or and I will organize as interest growsEmail Michael
Solid Bob Denton xSolid Bobx Solidbob#0275 Possibly could host in future. Dont have OG xbox anymore. Email Solid Bob
Brad New Orleans, LA ripripripriprip There have to be players around NOLA =[Email Brad
fluffy atlantic city New jersey pinfield fluffy#8934 use to play all local tournaments played against the best. looking to enjyo some fun! i got a big garage with beer just bring your systems and TV's and lets GO!Email fluffy
Alan iTsuWaK Email Alan
Lammie Jupiter, FL I Lammie I 3quivocator#6990 Acquiring equipment need room and players lolEmail Lammie
Sean Hinsinger Orlando, FL Legend Email Sean Hinsinger
Achi Duri Pinneberg Achi29 Achim69ers#9093 I dont know what to sayEmail Achi Duri
Robert Rice Nashville, TN The Beast v2 Email Robert Rice
RamboRoses Funchal Ramb0R0ses Email RamboRoses
Warren F. Calgary VinylBlaster I have lots of Xbox's original and 360 and can host. I can play on Xlink Kai, or locally. I also like to play Halo 2 as well.Email Warren F.
Mike Cincinnati UnsaidRumble7 Email Mike
Mars S Malo Fort Worth Flamenmars Mars S Malo#4281 We play Halo 1 every Friday. Everything is setup and ready to play (xbox, tv, controllers). Bring Friends - Up to 16 Players on OG xboxes.Email Mars S Malo
Logan Baker Phoenix, AZ TheNooBNooB23 Just looking for LAN's, people down to try out xLAN or people even down to play MCC on Xbox liveEmail Logan Baker
Kazu Mount Laurel Flash_Potential Kazu#3894 Email Kazu
Zyos Allen TTV theogzyos Email Zyos
Andrew Seattle KiiLLMoR3 Email Andrew
Tmtx27 Email Tmtx27
TwpWheeledTexan Fritch, TX TwpWheeledTexan Not the worlds best lolEmail TwpWheeledTexan
Zarnerz Charlotte, NC Zarnerz Zarnerz#7333 Have 2 working xboxes and 2 that are faulty. Installing NHE soon. Have 6 or so solid controllers. Looking for consistent LANs and to go to some bigger tourneysEmail Zarnerz
pace inside 635 pace#2531 two xboxes six controllers two tvs i host often.Email pace
Jake Wenatchee, WA BrokenNotBeat Email Jake
killmachine Pinckney KlLLMACHlNE killmachine#0394 just chillinEmail killmachine
BxSouljah Tampa SquattingxBear Squatting Bear#4370 Email BxSouljah
Firmed Colorado Mesa University Firmed Firmed#0937 18, decent at H1 -- if we were to play OG Xbox/NHE, I'd need one -- I only have PC and XB1.Email Firmed
BigBoss_ITA Email BigBoss_ITA
tomahawk vienna ex tomahawk tomahawk Email tomahawk
Groppilicous Boise, ID Groppilicous Gropphopper Email Groppilicous
Luis Redding superb beast74 I have a couple controllers and a copy of Halo CE. Unfortunately all of my Xbox controller ports are broken.Email Luis
JhOz Bogota xx jhoz xx #9074 Email JhOz
Peter D Slatchey Slatchey#0001 I have 2 xbox, 4 type-s controllers, 2 TVs, now we just need the people. Discord me if you want to LAN.Email Peter D
BAR Jake Moline BARJAKE BAR JAKE#0928 Email BAR Jake
Drew Rosedale Park DU7S DU7S#4538 Email Drew
Gatsby Albuquerque We have a good group of guys who Lan weekly. We would love to have some new people join! All skill levels welcome. Email Gatsby
Joseph Petriccione Waffly Dad Email Joseph Petriccione
Schoolz Stafford Springs Schoolz Email Schoolz
Derj Macau, Macau Derj3165 Derj#7016 I'm 15 and Asian. Expect me to lag and perform bad! Email Derj
Infern0 Melbourne ii infern0 ii Infern0#6666 Email Infern0
V3n0m Pittsburgh, PA Heaters28 V3n0m#8954 Primarily play NHE V1 with locals in Pittsburgh.Email V3n0m
Shade Columbus The_Ohio_Shade Shade#6996 Email Shade
ZIldj Houston Zildj Zildj#0001 Email ZIldj
The Rapid X the colony The Rapid X RapidX#6030 Hearing impairedEmail The Rapid X
Herbie Syracuse New York Herbie AH Herbie#4278 Mid Level player, have a venue to maybe host a tournament if enough interest.Email Herbie
Nicholas Beaver West Palm Beach Mr Beaver 2 U Email Nicholas Beaver
Poison Hill AFB H1 Poison I dont like playing with people who dont know spawnsEmail Poison
itzbalockeh woodstock lowkeyLoki Email itzbalockeh
TrueCrime Chicago Truuecrime TrueCrime #9100 Email TrueCrime
Brian Gossett William Cannon and Manchaca Get_Merked_Son I used to play with Texas Halo CE pros. I love to LAN and play MCC on PC. Email for PC gamertag. Want a doubles partner for Ranked Doubles in Halo CE.Email Brian Gossett
Alex Houston, Texas Looonski Looonski#3055 Currently 99% of my HaloCE playtime is on Steam, but I have it on XB1 and on an OG Xbox. No CRT though.Email Alex
KeepItCEcret LA KeepItSecret#7987 Trying to get into doing some LANs with nearby peopleEmail KeepItCEcret
Monkman Lancaster KingMonkman Monkman#1793 Email Monkman
Irish Grapevine, TX Lrish H2 Nate#5641 Email Irish
Sean O'Keeffe Houston/Cypress Thine Boi SlapSean#9294 I do not own an original Xbox currently however I am more than willing to purchase should a LAN scene pop up in the Houston area. Email Sean O'Keeffe
ixq1k iixq1ki ixq1k#0666 Email ixq1k
mcnutt Mcnutt27 Email mcnutt
chumpp San Diego chumpp Email chumpp
Joey Yam;s... Indianapolis ScrubTwista Email Joey Yam;s...
Zac Brown Fort Worth, Tx FN Notorious Email Zac Brown
SoLo Denver Mikelovinttv mikelovin#8080 Email SoLo
Mast3rofFlavor Homestead Mast3rofFlavor Mast3rOfFlavor#9225 Getting more into competetive CE, thinking about going to beach LanEmail Mast3rofFlavor
Chief 9ThirteeN Colorado Springs Chief 9ThirteeN Email Chief 9ThirteeN
Caleb Huntsville, AL NimbleKitty9490 WestDakotaOfficial#1008 I play all game modes pretty much and am on regularly. Can't host or do LAN until quarantine is over. Message me on Xbox or Discord if interested!Email Caleb
MrTechnocrat Cleveland, Ohio MrTechnocrat Tek#9147 I will play CTF Blood Gulch All Day Every Day. Email MrTechnocrat
Foiler Milford Email Foiler
eddo New York MF EdDo Eduardo#8008 I'm decent at bestEmail eddo
Thrillville109 Thrillville109 Thrillville109#8768 Email Thrillville109
hankthetank olympia,wa hank hankthetank#3509 Email hankthetank
Michael Erlenbach Portsmouth, NH CurlyBonch CurlyBonch Email Michael Erlenbach
Dr Pwnage Manchester, NH Stopped lanning a few years back, but miss itEmail Dr Pwnage
Souled Los Angeles, CA Souled Souled#8460 KBM Player. Can play Controller.Email Souled
Matt Baltimore/Philly a 12 oz beer Interested in OG CE lan. I have a controller and can probably bring a partner.Email Matt
Steve Kingston Mcdoofus7427 Haven't LANed in a long time, but willing to give it a shot! Been playing a lot of MCC. Email Steve
TuckeR Indianapolis, Indiana Tucker CE Email TuckeR
cOrPsE Boston cQrPsE Email cOrPsE
bAUMER DFW bAUMER gg bAUMER gg#4960 Email bAUMER
Ellier Dov CULVER CITY Halo 1 LansEmail Ellier Dov
Piilky Wichita Email Piilky
Stephen Saint Louis Newish playerEmail Stephen
scu North York majin scu Email scu
Hobbes Kansas City nickhobbes#3352 Email Hobbes
thebear323 St. Louis thebear323 thebear323#2355 8 xboxes with NHE and PE installedEmail thebear323
QuinN Pinellas Park, FL Qu1nN Email QuinN
Shayne Fort Wayne Alucard CE Alucard#6336 Email Shayne
Wishengrad Los Angeles, CA Wishengrad Wishengrad#1337 AKA Mi§§ingno on Gearbox. I've never done Xbox LAN before and currently don't own one.Email Wishengrad
Brynk Houston Brynk CE Brynk CE#4308 Email Brynk
fuzz Memphis, TN fuzz H1 Some of you may remember me as fuzz from XBC (admin). I used to travel to all the H1 tournaments to promote XBC and hangout with everyone.Email fuzz
Gabe Garfield bidcape6 Email Gabe
Jay Marquardt Sydney Willie3eamen Email Jay Marquardt
Juan Nicolas Leyva Longueuil Deoxis Deoxis#3012 Email Juan Nicolas Leyva
TEST Montreal Thr3vLKn3vel testEmail TEST
RashDawg Hays, Ks Rash Dawg Not very good at Halo CE, but I understand weapon timing, know a few nade tricks and randoms.Email RashDawg
END3R X3 brooklyn END3R X3 end3r_x3 2 modded xboxs - need CRTs I play mcc regularly Email END3R X3
Kezii Colorado Springs Yo Its Gilly Email Kezii
FRiCTiON just Painesville FRiCTiON just FRiCTiON just#7548 Email FRiCTiON just
KoozCous Tampa Would need you guys to bring equipment I have 1 original Xbox, 1 Xbox 360, 2 TV's. Email KoozCous
SeS Dominator Brampton SeS Dominator Email SeS Dominator
od odCEO Always looking to lanEmail od
Javier Quito SmP E1ev3n Dave Hartman S113#6180 Laptop player since 2010Email Javier
ferndognation Sacramento CA ferndog00 ferndognation#7077 Original Xbox modded with a X3 chip, can have multiple version of CE installed. I run my xbox off of a retrotink 5x, I have five controllers. Open for mcc gamesEmail ferndognation
Seep Thomasville, GA seep00 seep_TMD #2898 Looking to system link and LAN for H1. Also play H1 NHE. I have access to public spaces to set up LAN/link parties.Email Seep
Pfhunkie Pfhunkie Pfhunkie#0117 Email Pfhunkie
TheRadVladd New Orleans TheRadVladd TheRadVladd#4962 Will host SOON. Getting Boxes, TVs, and a venue set up. Updates coming...Email TheRadVladd
brianllama150 Detroit Just got back into Halo. Is XBConnect still a thing?Email brianllama150
AoA Prime8 Jackson, WI AoA Prime8 armyofapes#5505 I'll be rusty but will travel for most areas in WI or Chicagoland.Email AoA Prime8
Gunslinger Gainesville, FL Gunsiinger JanusDuo#7250 I can't host but I know locals who can. I have two Xboxes and 2 Trinitron CRTs one 20" one 27".Email Gunslinger
Sunzal Pittsburgh np Sunzal Sunzal#1379 Email Sunzal
Bourne Kenosha I3oul2ne I3ouI2ne#2478 Email Bourne
Eric H Wichita ProphLEET ProphLEET#4652 Email Eric H
Aft3rMath321 Houston Aft3rMath321 Aft3rmath321 Email Aft3rMath321
bdg GRIZZ Bydgoszcz bdg GRIZZ grizz_85#0694 Email bdg GRIZZ
Chris Baltimore Thor I used to be better than patch. Go ahead, ask himEmail Chris
KillZoNe Atlanta, GA kilizone Email KillZoNe
SizZLe Dallas, Tx SizzLe_Be_BacK Used to LAN Halo 1 like it was my job back in the day. Do not have any regular xbox equipment but willing to purchase some. I would like to LAN halo 1.Email SizZLe
H1 Minist3r Houghton, mi H1 Minist3r Minist3r#7743 I have 5 Modded OG Xbox's lots of controllers and Tv's for lan or can travel. Open to game anything.Email H1 Minist3r
Koozbot Oxford, MS Koozbane#9470 Email Koozbot
TruKuu Oxford, Mississippi TruKuu#6659 I have buckos of CRTs ready to go and some OG XBox hardware. Email TruKuu
Dmoney Sulphur Springs Email Dmoney
SrCam8 Bogotá SrcAM8 SrCam8#1568 Email SrCam8
Caleb Yoder Oakland, MD ChilePepp3r ChiLé#4127 Email Caleb Yoder
Raza65' Razazer65 Razazer65'#1227 Email Raza65'
Crack2020 damn058 Crack2020#6346 Email Crack2020
Clay | Pope San Antonio PopeTX28 Clay | Pope Email Clay | Pope
TiZM/KFAQ Ottawa THPS2X tizmspectrum Kinda bad but have had banger momentsEmail TiZM/KFAQ
Steve / PriMe its stevie haha steviehaha Ex nipper turned family manEmail Steve / PriMe
xSoMuchPotx xSoMuchPotx xsomuchpotx Halo MCC Backport to OG Xbox, Director and Manager.Email xSoMuchPotx
chris dutchie dont have one xbox ,xb360 , HALO ce pleaaaaaseEmail chris
GDub Tyler H1 GDub GDub #8859 I can host 3 stations at one time. Let get together and make memories Email GDub
Punny88 Greenville, SC Punny1988 punny88 I host LAN parties at 1Up Video Games in Greenville, SC. Visit for datesEmail Punny88
PojiloyKarp Moscow PojiloyKarp pojiloykarp Email PojiloyKarp
Kaceydotme Jacksonville, FL Kaceydotme Hosting events at Video Game Rescue starting December '23Email Kaceydotme