Halo: The Master Chief Collection Setup

Halo: The Master Chief Collection (aka “MCC”) on Xbox One is currently the most popular way to play the game competitively online. Despite many of its shortcomings (countless bugs, inconsistent netcode, etc), the game offers players a quick way to jump into ranked 2v2 Team Slayer on the classic maps.

The MCC version of Halo 1 is not played at competitive events due to game-breaking issues, but it’s a great platform to learn the game and practice team strategies online.

For more information about Halo 1 MCC’s problems, go to halobugs.com (created by insidi0us).

Getting Started

MCC performs and looks best on a HD or 4K display (the latter requires an Xbox One X console). A gaming monitor with low input latency is highly recommended. Whether you are looking for a TV or monitor, use rtings.com to browse in-depths reviews for all the best models (you can even sort/filter all models by input latency, picture quality or whatever specifications you are looking for).

For best matchmaking results, you will want to ensure that your network settings are properly configured. Reddit user biscuit88 has a great guide for this:

Achieving an Open NAT

Recommended Gameplay Settings

In the in-game settings menu, go to the Gameplay tab with the bumpers and use the following settings:

  • Enemy Player Name Color: Legacy
  • Multiplayer Game Timer: Time Elapsed

The “legacy” player names are blue like in the original verison, and the “default” setting is red. The multiplayer game timer should count up (as seen in NHE) because if it set to count down, the rocket minute (usually every 2 minutes) will either be at even or odd minutes depending on the time limit set in the gametype. By having the clock count up, the in-game time limit does not need to be taken into timing considerations.

Recommended Controller Settings

In a patch released in Fall 2018, “Modern Aim Controls” were added to MCC. Vertical and horizontal sensitivity can now be adjusted individually, there are new sliders for both axial and radial deadzones, and there are two different aiming styles to choose from: modern and classic.

There are no definitive settings agreed upon by high-level players – you should spend time trying different settings.

Assuming Modern Aim Controls are consistent between MCC and Halo 5, more information can be found here:

Halo 5 Controller Settings Explained