Halo PC: Evolved Setup

Halo PC: Evolved is a collection of mods and fixes to Halo: Custom Edition, the standalone unsupported version of Halo PC released by Gearbox in 2004. The project’s goal has been to leverage all manner of game modifications (game server, game client, and map file fixes) in order to improve the experience on the PC version.

At the time of this writing, there have been no major improvements to the game’s questionable online netcode. That being said, the PC version is rich with features including community-hosted dedicated servers, custom map support, and more. It’s a great way to practice with the maps and features (talking timer, training mode, etc) used in competitive play on the original Xbox.

This page covers the steps to install the game and the PC:E mod.

Initial Setup

The setup instructions that follow are for getting Halo Custom Edition up and running for competitive play. It includes the proper installation for using an Xbox controller, as well as advanced settings, like how to make Halo have the split-screen aspect ratio to simulate the 2v2 Xbox experience. Go through each section and make sure everything that you need is complete before jumping into a multiplayer game.

The first thing you’ll need to install is Halo: Custom Edition. Download it here:

Halo: Custom Edition

Halo PC: Evolved Installer

The simplest way to complete the setup is to use Halo1 Hub Halo: PC Evolved Installer. This installer includes the following components:

  • HaloCE 1.10 Patch
  • Text chat fix with MSXML4
  • DirectX 9.0c Runtime
  • VisualC Runtime
  • Universal UI 1.1
  • HAC2 (with updated loader.dll)
  • Chimera build 49 (latest public release)
  • Config.txt updated for 4K for new graphics cards
  • Antimicro and Controller Profile
  • DSound Patch for EAX (version r391)
  • injectSMAA for Anti-aliasing (Default: Medium)
  • MLG Gametypes
  • Halo1Hub Server Bookmarks

Our installer is a work-in-progress and will be updated as new features/content is added to the PC: Evolved project. Download the latest public release here:

Halo PC: Evolved Installer

Manual Setup

If you choose not to use the Installer, please read on.

Once Halo: Custom Edition is installed, you will need to install several official and unofficial additional components:

Halo: Custom Edition 1.10 Patch

In 2014, Bungie released an official patch for both vanilla Halo PC and Halo: Custom Edition. This update removes the dependency on Gamespy’s services and added support for high resolutions, as well several minor bug fixes.

The Halo: Custom Edition 1.10 patch can be downloaded here:

Halo Custom Edition 1.10 Patch

Windows Pre-Requisites

There are a few additional pre-requisites for running the game on modern Windows systems:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010
DirectX 9.0c
MSXMLENU package


HAC2 is likely the most widely-used client mod for Halo: Custom Edition. Originally developed by BTCC22, it adds many great features to the game, such as the ability to bookmark your favorite game servers, automatic downloading of custom maps upon joining a server, FOV adjustment, custom font styles, optional optic packs, and much more.

To install, download following .zip file:

HAC2 package
  1. Place “loader.dll” into Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\controls. Then, launch Halo: Custom Edition at least once to create a profile (this creates certain directories required for step 2). Once completed, exit the game.
  2. (Optional) place both “bookmarks.hac” and “preferences.ini” into Documents\My Games\Halo CE\hac

The following fixes are enabled by default with the included preferences.ini text file:

  • custom_chat=1
  • fov=70
  • font_size=35
  • redirect_kill_feed=1
  • hac_widescreen=1
  • play_during_queue=1

The above commands can also by typed into the console in-game with the following formatting: command_name # (so basically just replace the = symbols from the commands above with a space). If you’d like to experiment with other HAC2 commands, check out http://blog.haloanticheat.com/ for more information.


Chimera is another client mod that is currently in active development by Kavawuvi. It may eventually replace HAC2 as the most widely-used client mod for Halo: Custom Edition, and its rich feature set continues to grow with each new release.

In its current state (build 49 at the time of this writing), Chimera is a must-have for Halo: PC Evolved players. Aside from numerous bug fixes and visual enhancements, it restores some controller functionality that hasn’t been available on PC until now (player magnetism, deadzones, etc). Further netcode enhancements will be required to enable full directional movement and variable movement speeds, however, and the project’s development can be tracked in this Open Carnage thread: https://opencarnage.net/index.php?/topic/6916-chimera-build-49/

The latest stable public build can be downloaded here:

Chimera (build 49)
  1. Place chimera.dll in “Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\controls”
  2. (optional) Place chimera.bin in “Documents\my games\Halo CE”

For the experimental test build (includes client lua script support), use the download button below. NOTE: do not download this version unless you know what you are doing. This build is missing many features, but is required in order to make use of the server-based training mode, talking timer & on-screen clock currently being tested on the private GMYF test servers. For more information, join the Discord and ask to be added to the private map testing group.

Chimera (build -572)

Below are recommended values for chimera_controller and chimera_enhancements commands. Commands in bold are modified from their default values. This configuration is included in the chimera.bin file in the download for build 49 above:

  • chimera_auto_uncrouch 1 (default)
  • chimera_block_mouse 0 (default)
  • chimera_deadzone_looking 1.185 (default)
  • chimera_deadzone_looking_zoom_scale 1.000 (default)
  • chimera_deadzone_movement 0.250 (default)
  • chimera_diagonals 1 (default)
  • chimera_magnetism 1 (default)
  • chimera_af 0 (default)
  • chimera_auto_stfu 0 (default)
  • chimera_block_lod 0 (default)
  • chimera_block_vehicle_camera_leveling 0 (default)
  • chimera_block_zoom_blur 0 (default)
  • chimera_hide_chimera_server_messages 0 (default)
  • chimera_hide_timer 0 (default)
  • chimera_interpolate 9
  • chimera_shrink_empty_weapons 0 (default)
  • chimera_skip_loading 0 (default)
  • chimera_split_screen 0 (default)
  • chimera_tab_out_video 0 (default)
  • chimera_throttle_fps 0 (default)
  • chimera_vertical_fov 62.74
  • chimera_widescreen_scope_mask 1
  • chimera_uncap_cinematic 0 (default)


Controller Setup

Most players use an Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller, as they are natively supported on Windows 10. It should be noted that the game itself does not have full controller support.

First, you should launch the game and map your controls. For best results, do not map Action and Exchange Weapon (more on this below). Without additional modifications, there is a frustrating bug that causes players to accidentally swap their weapon while trying to reload. In the original Xbox version a weapon swap requires a longer button press, but on PC it is instant. To mimic the original Xbox behavior in this regard, install AntiMicro and the preconfigured settings file from here:

AntiMicro + Controller Profile

Then, follow these easy steps:

  1. Unzip antimicro.zip
  2. Install AntiMicro
  3. Place weapon_reload-pickup_fix.gamecontroller in a location that doesn’t require admin rights (ex: “Documents” folder or subfolder)
  4. Plug in your controller and launch AntiMicro. Your device’s name should appear at the top of the screen
  5. Click the Load button and select the .gamecontroller file that you extracted from the .zip archive
  6. Click Save

Aside from addressing the weapon swap bug, the included .gamecontroller profile maps the Start button to ESC, which isn’t possible with the in-game Controls settings. It also maps WASD and the arrow keys to the D-pad to allow for movement and menu navigation.

Universal UI (Optional)

Halo CE’s most popular functional interface. Features include gorgeous graphics, better support for controllers and gamepads, update-check removal, and menus for community maps. To install, unzip into your Halo CE maps folder.

Universal UI

Discord Rich Presence Plugin (Optional)

This plugin allows other people on Discord see information about the server you’re playing in. Install by unzipping into the /Halo Custom Edition/controls folder.

Discord Rich Presence Plugin

EAX Sound Effects (Optional)

The aim of EAX is to create more ambiance within the game by more accurately simulating a real-world audio environment. Echoing footsteps, reverberating bullets, and enhanced grenade explosion sounds. This will enable the option to turn it on in the Halo game settings. Install by unzipping into the /Halo Custom Edition/ folder.

DSOAL r391 Package

injectSMAA Anti-Aliasing (Optional)

Make your game more beautiful with Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing. injectSMAA is a very efficient GPU-based MLAA implementation, capable of handling subpixel features seamlessly, and featuring an advanced pattern detection & handling mechanism. Install by unzipping into the /Halo Custom Edition/ folder.

injectSMAA 1.2 Package