How to Null your Console's EEPROM

By: Devilman

Important notes:

  • If your Xbox is softmodded and uses a virtual/shadow C drive, disable the virtual/shadow C drive before you null your eeprom. Warning: If you null the eeprom without first disabling the virtual/shadow C drive, you will break your softmod.  Backup your eeprom to another computer if you are unsure of what you are doing.
  • This guide is unnecessary if you have a Rocky5 softmod as there an automatic eeprom nulling function built in to the dashboard.

STEP 1 – Put ConfigMagic on Your Xbox

  • Download ConfigMagic v1.6.1.
  • Extract the file and FTP it to your Xbox with your preferred FTP client.
  • Go to your Xbox and boot ConfigMagic.

STEP 2 – Nulling the EEPROM:

  • Once ConfigMagic has loaded, press the Start button on your controller and select “Unlock HDD” from the list. Once done, press A to return to the main screen.
  • Press Start again and select “On-The-Fly Edit EEPROM”.
  • Select Unique HDD Key” and then delete the entire HDD key and then replace it with 32 zeros. Just keep pressing A on zero until it stops adding more zeros.  Once finished, select “OK”.
  • Press Start and select “Update Xbox EEPROM”. After a few seconds your Xbox’s EEPROM will be updated with your new nulled HDD key.
  • Press Start and select “Load XBOX EEPROM”.
  • Press Start and select “Lock HDD”.


  • Team Assembly
  • Rocky5