Welcome to Halo1Hub.com

By 21/05/2019News

The goal of this site is to make it easier for players to access information about competitive Halo 1 and join the community. Whether you’re a new player seeking to learn the ropes, an active player looking for a group to play with, or a returning player trying to get back into the scene – this site has something for you.

For New Players

If you’re new to competitive Halo 1 and aren’t sure where to start, you should check out the Setup section first. In this section, you’ll find information about the different versions of Halo 1 (Xbox, MCC & PC). Once you get set up to play, you should browse the Learn to Play section to learn about the fundamentals of Halo 1 2v2: the player spawning system, grenade tricks and various general gameplay basics. To find a group to play online with, join the Discord server on the Community page.

For Active Players

So you already play the game. What does the site have to offer already-active players? The all-new Halo Finder web app can be used to link up with other players in your area. The Events section will help you stay up to date with the latest competitive Halo 1 events. Maybe you’re looking to explore another version of the game, like the new XBC successor xLAN – we’ve got you covered in the Setup section.

For Returning Players

Since the release of MCC and the recent popularity of grassroots Halo 1 events like Beach LAN, some old players are trying to get back into the scene. Use the Halo Finder app to find people to LAN with. Check out the Halo 1 YouTube Channels page to watch the latest gameplay footage from competitive events – the game has changed, after all. Browse through the Setup section to make sure your preferred version of Halo 1 is up-to-date with the latest content, then join the Community to jump back into the game.

Looking Ahead

This site was built by the community and will grow as time goes on. We have a Stats section planned which will cover the biggest Halo 1 events, both present and past. We are always looking for contributors – if you feel you have something of value you can add to Halo 1 Hub, join the Discord server on the Community page and let us know. If you don’t want to get involved but still want to show your support, feel free to send us a small donation to cover recurring hosting costs.

Most importantly: if you enjoy competitive Halo 1, play it! It hasn’t been easy being a Halo 1 fan for the last few years. The Master Chief Collection leaves much to be desired in terms of a competitive experience, and the easily-accessible PC version of the game (Halo: Custom Edition) has its own share of flaws. The NHE mod is used at most competitive events and can even be played on original Xbox over the Internet using xLAN. The beauty of the original Xbox version is that the equipment required for hosting your own LAN event is inexpensive and readily available in most regions.

So build a group, play on LAN and stream the event! The more active Halo 1 streamers, the better. Join the Discord group to let us know about your event and we’ll make a post in the Events section.